Post-Facetime Reflections

I feel so prepared to go to France- I mean, thanks to Duolingo, I’m practically fluent now!

Yeah, no. Not even remotely.

Yesterday (a Sunday), my Mother and I FaceTimed Antonin, Muriel, and Dominique. It went pretty well, but then- oh, dear me- I tried to speak in French.

As you may have already inferred, it did not go well.

We were amicably chatting away about school when Antonin brought up his English class- apparently, his English teacher has a very thick accent. I replied in French: “Combien d’heures par un semaine est le classe d’Anglais?”* (How many hours per week is the English class?). Here is a strikingly accurate rendition of their reaction:


Yep. They did understand what I was asking, but obviously I totally butchered the pronunciation and/or grammar. Ever quick-witted,** I smoothly returned the conversation to a zone of comfort with a loud and boisterous deep-belly laugh. The videochat ended soon after.

Zack: Ends FaceTime.

Mother: Turns towards Zack

Mother: You are so screwed.

Drama aside, though, I’m super excited.

I’m sure, with time, that my accent will fade, even if only slightly; the first few days are going to be absolutely overwhelming, though.

My brain will be working overdrive for the first little while, but it will then create new circuitry, and ultimately contribute to my overall well-being- I hope.

Luckily, though, this debacle inspired me to finish Duolingo’s French tree, and I’m proud-ish to be able to post this trophy:

Image result for duolingo french trophy

Thankfully, the French teacher at my school is absolutely wonderful, and has provided me with several movies to watch before my departure, including the famous Amélie– I’ll write a lengthier and more in-depth post on that later. Thanks for reading!


*I have no clue whether or not this is correct- it’s exactly what I said.

** Ha.


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